Fibra Detox Review:

Fibra-Detox Fibra Detox claims to do help you do the following things: “Purify and cleanse yourself naturally, burn more fat, boost metabolism, and reduce bloating.” On their website they also claim that Fibra Detox will detoxify your organs, reduce water retention, increase your energy, and reduce cholesterol. It seems like Fibra Detox is quite the accomplished diet pill. Unfortunately, Fibra Detox does not provide a whole lot of evidence to support these claims. They don’t show you clinical trials proving any of these statements to be true and they don’t even tell you exact amounts of ingredients (let alone what the ingredients actually are). Fibra Detox talks the talk, but do they walk the walk?

Fibra Detox Ingredients:

Psyllium is famous for its dietary fiber benefits. It has been associated with other dietary fibers that may help lower cholesterol. It is often found in high-fiber cereals and Metamucil. Fiber is definitely good for your health because it can help regulate the digestive process, possibly lower cholesterol, and it can make you feel full so you don’t eat as much (you eat fewer calories). Psyllium is not going to increase your metabolism or burn fat, however.

White Oak bark is rich in tannins, vitamin B12, iron, zinc, and calcium. It can be useful to treat bleeding of the stomach and rectum, diarrhea, kidney stones, and topically it can be used to treat burns and rashes. However, white oak bark is not an effective weight loss ingredient because it doesn’t boost metabolism, burn fat, or suppress appetite.

The third major ingredient is Muciligenic Fiber. This type of fiber has diuretic/laxative properties. This is the ingredient that causes the “flushing” out of toxins and waste. This may lead to weight loss (water weight), but you will have to drink plenty of water when you take Fibra Detox.

Fibra Detox Cost and Return Policy:

Fibra Detox costs $84.95 per month. On their website they ask you to sign up for a monthly trial and if you don’t cancel your subscription to Fibra Detox you will be billed 85 bucks a month. You are allowed to cancel at any time, but if you cancel after 14 days of using Fibra Detox then you will be billed for that first month. They only offer a refund for unopened products and they have to be returned within 30 days from the initial call to the customer service department. Fibra Detox costs a lot of money for a pill that won’t help you burn fat. And with a mediocre return policy it is hard to recommend trying Fibra Detox.

Is Fibra Detox Worth Trying?

It is possible that Fibra Detox will help you lose weight. However, it is likely to be a short-term fix as is the case with most diuretic weight loss supplements. You lose lots of water weight, but in time it comes back. There are plenty of quality diet products out there that are cheaper, clinically proven, and come with a guarantee. I would try those first before taking a chance on Fibra Detox.

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